Solving an Organizational Problem – Short Video


Solving an Organizational Problem – Short Video


Solving an organizational problem requires a few first steps to get to the root of the problem and find the best solutions to solve it.

First, the problem requires a clear statement. Articulating the problem in a way that provides clear direction for further research, and reduces the scope of the problem as much as possible will lead to a greater chance of success in solving it.

When the problem statement has been determined and clearly articulated, two sets of measurements must be selected: qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative measurements are those that revolve most largely around specific sets of data and numbers, and are much easier to track and understand. However, quantitative measures serve only to tell us that a problem exists and sometimes to help pinpoint the general area where the problem may be found; they do not tell the full story.

Qualitative measurements are needed to enhance the understanding of the problem. They help explain why a problem is occurring and can provide a clearer picture for analysis of the root cause or causes. These are usually much more difficult to collect, and are usually in the form of surveys.

Once these two sets of data have been collected, a strong analysis of the problem and its root causes can be conducted, and potential solutions reviewed.

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