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    Hydrochloric acid

    Product category: inorganic chemicals/inorganic acid
    English name: Hydrochloric acid 
    CAS NO: 7647-01-0 
    Molecular weight: 36.46095
    EC NO: 231-595-7 
    Molecular formula: HCl
    InChI: InChI=1/2ClH/h2*1H
    Alias: Chlorohydric acid; Hydrogen chloride; Hydrogen chloride (acid); HYDROGEN CHLORIDE GAS ONLY; Muriatic acid; Hydrochloric acid,refined; Hydrochloric acid,medicinal; chlorhydric acid; chloride; cyclohexyl 2-hydroxybenzoate; Industrial Synthetic Hydrochloric Acid; Food Additives Hydrochloric Acid; H-36% Industrial Hydrochloric Acid; Hydrochloric acid,technical
    Structural formula:

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